Elena de la Palma explores all things Spanish clothing, 1480 – 1600

Inventory Project

I am digitizing the collected inventories published in Los Inventarios de Carlos V y la Familia Imperial. Compiled by Fernando Checa Cremades. (Madrid, Fernando Villaverde Ediciones with the assistance of the Getty Foundation; 2010).

These inventories are three volumes, spanning nine different members of the Spanish royal family across 80 years. They cover everything from clothing to furniture and household goods to books and jewelry. My goal by digitizing these items is to a) provide a searchable reference on materials use in late period Europe b) quantitatively analyze materials use for construction and embellishment in clothing specifically to understand most common vs. less common materials, and c) to potentially discover new items of clothing by looking for fabric use patterns consistent with known clothing and comparing to unknown items.

As of June 2022, I’ve cataloged more than 17,000 individual items. And I’m only on “L” in the alphabetical list!

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