Elena de la Palma explores all things Spanish clothing, 1480 – 1600

Project Documentation

A repository for my formal project documentation – which is reserved for finished works. Check out my work in progress to see what I’m working on right now!

Reconstructing a 1520s Spanish SayaJanuary, 2024Kingdom A&S ChampionshipsLater style of saya also including tiras
Reconstructing a 1510 Spanish SayaOctober 2022Kingdom A&S ChampionshipsSaya with close-fitting, tied sleeves.
Reconstructing a Spanish SayaOctober, 2018Kingdom A&S ChampionshipsFirst attempt at a complete Spanish saya
Reconstructing A Spanish BodiceMay, 2018Crown Tournament A&S DisplayLater incorporated into the Spanish saya shown at A&S Champs.
Reconstructing A Renaissance VerdugadoOctober, 2016Kingdom A&S ChampionshipsVerdugado, better known in English as a Farthingale, or hoop skirt. Recreated based on a pattern from a period tailor’s manual.
Reconstructing A Renaissance CamisaOctober, 2016Kingdom A&S ChampionshipsCamisa, or chemise, in the Spanish style. Based on period portraiture.
Loosely Fitted GownAugust, 2016Fall AEcademy 2016Early work in patternmaking.