Elena de la Palma explores all things Spanish clothing, 1480 – 1600

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  • WIP – Cofia y Tranzado – Part 2

    Back with more cofia y tranzado! See Part 1 for more information on what we’re doing and why! Tonight we finished up binding the one edge. So far I really like how the bound edge lays – I was worried that the binding might make the edge too firm, and make it lay against the…

  • WIP – Cofia y Tranzado – Part 1

    What: A cofia y tranzado, the very distinctive cap and braid case common in Spain from the 1400s on. Check out my class Cofia Y Tranzado The Omnipresent Spanish Headwear for more info Why: Because I’m tragically short on headwear. Turns out, a whole lot of my cofia y tranzado went on walkabout over the…